Talent Management And Skills Development Solutions

Believing that every client environment and needs are unique, NHS SA employs a five phase methodology – Skills Audit, Strategic Skills Planning, WSP/ATR Completion, WSP/ATR implementation, Monitoring and Return on Investment (ROI). The methodology ensures that the needs of both the organization and the learner are identified and successfully matched and merged. This process creates a “virtuous circle” where learners are given the tools to succeed within the organization allowing the organization to realize a measureable ROI.

Learning and Development QMS

This is a quality management system that ensures continuous improvement and alignment to SAQA requirements.

Career Pathing Solutions

Integrating and streamlining employee career aspirations to meet both personal development and company goals.

Transformation Intervention Solutions – Productivity Enhances

  • Business Turn-Around & Change Management Solutions – “displacing the hamster wheel”

  • Diversity and Inclusion – “harnessing the power of heterogeneity”

  • Constraints and bottlenecks – “unclogging the system”

  • Disruptors – “shocking the system”

B-BBEE Consulting – Generic and Sector Codes

  • Impact Assessment – providing a diagnostic assessment of BEE interventions

  • Coaching and support – guiding and handholding BEE champions

  • Pre-assessment – simulate BEE audit and prepare dummy score

  • Verification – assisting companies to prepare for BEE audits

  • Transition – assisting entities migrating from QSE to Generic status

  • Post-Verification Planning

Value-Added Services Include:

  • Skills Development alignment and synchronizing with pending NSDS IV

  • Managing Bursaries, Internships and/or Apprenticeship i.e. Categories A, B and C of the Skills Development Programme Matrix

  • Matching Procurement with PPPFA and PFMA as it relates to aspects of the Supplier and Enterprise Development Element of B-BBEE.

  • Managing Enterprise /Supplier Development (ESD) Programme

  • Managing the SED Element