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NHS Strategic Assignments (NHS SA) is a consulting firm with expert knowledge in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and Strategic Skills Development Facilitation Services.

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Talent Management & Skills Development Solutions

Every client environment and needs are unique, thus NHS SA employs a customised...


Learning and Development QMS

This is a quality management system that ensures continuous improvement and alignment to...


Transformation Intervention Solutions

Business Turn-Around & Change Management Solutions - "displacing the hamster wheel"


Career Pathing Solutions

Integrating and streamlining employee career aspirations to meet both personal development and


B-BBEE Consulting

Services include: Impact Assessment - providing a diagnostic assessment of BEE interventions


Value Added Services

Services include: Skills Development alignment and synchronizing with pending NSDS IV

Enhanced Value

We Provide More Value & Our
Services are fit for you

The Company is a level 1 BEE contributor with 60% Black Female Shareholding and a Procurement Recognition Status of 135%. This means for every R1 procurement spend with us, your company gets R1,35 of BEE points.

Talent Management
Learning & Development
Career Pathing
Transformation Intervention
B-BBEE Consulting
Value-Added Services

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